Business Bankruptcy

business-bankruptcy-attorney-david-brown-lawWe help our clients navigate through the twisted and winding paths of financial crisis. They continuously represent clients in all aspects of debtor-creditor law, representing large multinational companies, public companies and small businesses. We help companies restructure their debt to avoid bankruptcy and also represent debtors, bankruptcy trustees and creditors’ committees through the bankruptcy process.

Financial Restructuring

David Samuel brown Law Firm. guides distressed businesses through the legal quagmire of financial restructuring, workouts, asset reductions, reorganization, bankruptcy, litigation and all necessary components to resolve their difficulties. Corporate debt restructuring provides the opportunity and mechanism to create the most beneficial financial environment possible.

We are involved in all sides of the restructuring process, from representing debtors in bankruptcy proceedings as well as counseling creditor clients in dealing with insolvent or illiquid debtors. In cases where clients have excessive debt, we work directly with creditors and vendors to create repayment plans that benefit both parties.

The firm’s comprehensive experience and extensive resources position us to play a leading role in all facets of business restructuring. We handle complex transactions daily and meet client needs, both inside and outside the courtroom, with strategic solutions that add value to our clients and their businesses. From our many years of experience, we have many non-legal contacts in the industry from restructuring assistants to auctioneers and commercial brokers, to non-traditional lenders.


  • Workouts
  • Business Finance and Restructuring
  • Creditor Representation
  • Debtor Representation
  • Distressed Mergers and Acquisitions

Debtors in Bankruptcy

We represent private and public companies from a wide range of industries in bankruptcy matters. We possess the specialized knowledge and depth of experience necessary to assess and advise businesses of all sizes on how to best resolve their debt issues. Working with businesses through the complexities of bankruptcy, we ensure that full advantage is taken of the tools and resources at their disposal to address and correct their financial circumstances. We also have significant experience representing lenders and suppliers in bankruptcy and collection matters.

Our extensive experience with bankruptcy representation allows us to evaluate the risks and opportunities present in each financial restructuring and bankruptcy case. Many times, Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy is not the only, or ideal, solution. We work closely with clients to develop the best strategies to address their insolvency and achieve their goals. These can include asset liquidations, non-judicial workouts, receiverships, corporate restructuring, and assignments for the benefit of creditors, bankruptcies, or any combination of these.

Filing for bankruptcy and then meeting the compliance requirements can be a daunting and time consuming task that often overwhelms individuals and businesses alike. Our bankruptcy attorneys create timely and effective plans for reorganization, and then work closely with our clients throughout the process to implement those plans and achieve meaningful results.


  • Chapter 7 and 11
  • Corporate Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Commercial and Corporate Litigation
  • Non-Bankruptcy Workouts
  • Restructuring and Reorganization
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Transactional Law
  • Relief from Stay
  • Plan Confirmation
  • Filing of Proofs of Claim
  • Rejection of Leases
  • Purchase of Bankruptcy Assets
  • Dischargable/Non-Dischargable Debt

Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy

We represent creditors in all forms of bankruptcy proceedings, including Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 7 liquidations and Chapter 13 filings.

  • Negotiating and drafting carve outs and interim financing agreements
  • Filing proofs of claim to protect a creditor’s interest
  • Lifting the automatic stay enabling a lender to take back collateral
  • Reviewing and voting on a debtor’s Chapter 11 Plan
  • Commencing and pursuing adversary proceedings to enforce a creditor’s rights
  • Objecting to a debtor’s discharge
  • Representing a creditor in an unsecured creditors’ committee
  • Representing defendant’s in preference or other avoidance actions

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